boy practicing articulation therapy in the mirror

Articulation Therapy for Kids

It is very important to work with your child on their speech sound (also known as articulation) goals in the home setting. It is in this setting, school, or through play where children can benefit
most from carryover of the skills they are learning while in speech therapy.

Here is a list of strategies to use while working on your child’s articulation goals at home:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your child’s articulation goals that they have in therapy and
    keep an ear out for when you hear those sounds at home. Keep a mental note on
    whether your child is accurately producing them or not.
  2. Practice using worksheets sent home by your treating therapist or in everyday
    conversations with your child.
  3. Help your child produce the sound accurately with specific tips from your treating
    therapist (i.e., to help with the “th” sound stick your tongue out and blow).
  4. Give your child time to self-correct after they pronounce a specific sound
  5. Model your child’s specific articulation sounds slowly and emphasize them in
    words or conversation to draw attention to how to accurately pronounce them.
  6. Draw attention to your mouth when working with your child for extra attention to
    how our articulators are moving.

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