...our daughter can
confidently communicate
in full sentences...

I cannot say enough about the positive impact Sensory Solutions and Abby have had on our daughter’s life. A year and a half ago she barely spoke in sentences and babbled a lot. Now our daughter can confidently communicate in full sentences and can be understood almost 100% of the time. We’ve had great experiences with O.T. and P.T. as well. Speech has given our daughter confidence and helped her personality shine.

...my two boys love
coming to therapy...

I would recommend Sensory Solutions. They are very good with the kids and my two boys love coming to therapy. They do Speech, O.T., and Physical.

...her therapist is
amazing and VERY
patient with her...

My daughter is still relatively new to Sensory Solutions. We started at the Olive location and were a little nervous about moving to the new Florissant location because she had already formed a great bond with her previous therapist. Those fears were quickly squashed! She absolutely loves ‘therapy nights’! Her therapist is amazing and VERY patient with her. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity we have been given to use Sensory Solutions for my child.

...he is writing
letters and numbers...

My preschooler was struggling with fine motor skills at the start of the school year. Specifically – cutting, grasping crayons, and writing his letters and numbers. Since starting at Sensory Solutions (O.T. once a week) he is writing legibly, cutting shapes, showing so much interest in coloring and crafts! He loves his therapist and looks forward to therapy sessions! Thank you for all you do for our littles!

...forever grateful for
helping my son...

My three-year-old son has progressed tremendously since receiving speech, occupational, and physical therapy services at Sensory Solutions for the past year and a half. Before these therapies, he was unable to speak, focus on tasks, follow directions, or express himself. Recently diagnosed with Autism, my son is now able to socialize with others, regulate his emotions, show empathy towards others, and communicate with his loved ones around him – all of which he was not doing prior to therapies. I cannot thank the therapists enough for helping my son grow into the very best version of himself. I am forever grateful for their help, advice, and direction!

Thank you so much...

My two-year-old had only about 30 words when we started with Maddy. 7 months later, he easily has over 200 words and he repeats everything we say. This is incredible to me and a huge relief that he is on track. Thank you so much to Maddy for getting us here. My son’s speech was something I always stressed over and Maddy helped us through this with her incredible knowledge and kindness. I really can’t thank Maddy enough!

He's reached his
goals...love the caring

Charlie came with high anxiety while eating food. He now eats everything he is asked to even if it’s just trying it. His coordination has improved so much, his grades have gone up in P.E. Auggie used to have a meltdown when asked to try anything newe. He happily tries new foods and is eating a variety of foods. He’s reached goals on his IEP that the limited PT at school couldn’t. We love the caring atmosphere and look forward to Sensory Solutions every visit.

...progress has been

Nolan was diagnosed with a severe speech delay at 2 ½ years old. He had his own language, mispronounced words, or didn’t speak at all. We’ve been with Miss Lexi for the last 2 ½ years and his progress has been amazing. He is still behind and learning, but he can now communicate with his peers and we understand about 85% of what he’s trying to say.

...we noticed leaps
and bounds of

Before we started taking Olivia to Sensory Solutions we had a hard time understanding and communicating. And since the second appointment, we noticed leaps and bounds of improvement. She is constantly learning more and more. If you are having trouble like we had, I would recommend Sensory Solutions.

...staff is great and
very patient...

Since coming to Sensory Solutions my child has improved more and more with his speech. The staff is great and very patient with my son. We have been really pleased and happy with him going to Sensory Solutions.

...making great strides
in speech...

Elizabeth has been making great strides in speech at Sensory Solutions. Her ‘TH’ sounds and ‘C’ sounds have dramatically improved. Her ‘R’ sounds are still coming along, but looking at her tongue it seems like there may be some physical restraint that could be helped.

...amazing growth...

Since coming to see Ms. Lexi, we have seen such amazing growth in her speech. When we started, my daughter was struggling with her speech and was constantly getting frustrated because I could not understand her. Now we no longer see those issues and she is now ready for Kindergarten this year. If it was not for Ms. Lexi, I am not sure she would have been ready. She is amazing with my daughter and we all look forward to our appointments. Which are great and easy. Great place to come. 

...staff is professional
and caring...

Justin is receiving physical therapy for his balance and strength. He is showing signs of improvement, which carry over to home and school. The staff is professional and caring. A great combination for Justin. It is worth the one-hour drive for treatment.

...starting to feel
more comfortable
trying new food items...

Gavin’s anxiety was through the roof and he was easily frustrated about almost everything. Now, he is able to recognize things that may set him off and is able to control his reaction much easier. Gavin also has sensory issues and eating issues. He would downright refuse to eat anything that wasn’t his ‘normal’ food. Since working with Allison, he’s starting to feel more comfortable trying new food items. He’s also able to control his reactions with his sensory issues like wearing more variety of clothing.

...entire staff is
absolutely WONDERFUL...

My child started with Sensory Solutions for speech and O.T. within the last year or so and she has made tremendous progress in both areas! She is now cutting and shoe tying and is actually eager to do them now on her own! She has come so far with speech as well! I notice now that she will acknowledge and correct herself if needed and she doesn’t seem to be so self-conscious or shy as she used to be. I truly cannot thank everyone here enough for always being so kind and so helpful. Sensory Solutions’ entire staff is absolutely WONDERFUL!! Thank you!