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Visual Supports

Visual supports are pictures, objects, or signs to help increase communication. When verbal and auditory communication is not practical. It can help with any pediatric therapy such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy. It also provides help with autism therapeutic services. There are many different visual supports. Such as visual schedules, basic symbols, first/then boards, choice boards, and many more. Visual aids can also be personalized to each individual. 

They Help Children:

  • Make choices (e.g., oranges or yogurt).
  • Express their needs (e.g., using the bathroom).
  • Express their feelings (e.g., stressed, or mad).
  • Connect with the things around them (e.g., following a visual schedule to assist in what needs to be completed).
  • Connect with the people around them (e.g., helping children build confidence to communicate with others). 
  • Handle change or transition to the next task (e.g., showing a first  then chart).

Examples Of Visual Supports:

Visual Supports | Sensory Solutions

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