Flexible Seating Options

Flexible seating options have been shown to increase a child’s attention during seated tasks. These options could include an air cushion/wiggle disc, vibrating cushion, therapy/yoga ball and even placing a band around the chair. The mentioned items are labeled as sensory integration therapy tools. These options all give children the added sensory input that they may be seeking out while fidgeting in their seats. When given the input through these items, children are more likely to remain seated for tasks. The input helps keeps the child’s mind more alert and focused as they are able to use excess energy while staying engaged and seated. This could include in the classroom, during therapy sessions, and during seated tasks at home such as meal times. These options are beneficial for all kids including children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Talk to your child’s Occupational Therapist today for suggestions!




Information for the blog was obtained from the following sources:



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