How to Know if Your Child Has a Weak Core

Core Strengthening – How to know if my child has a weak core and what do I do about it?

Why is core strength important for children?

· A strong, engaged core is important for many activities that your child may participate in! Whether they are a 6-month-old baby or a 10 year old child, core strength is essential to perform daily activities and participate in age-appropriate skills.

· Core weakness can also contribute to decreased breath support required for speech production. Core strengthening has been used in physical therapy/speech therapy co-treatments to improve these skills!

How do I know my child has a weak core?

· Child may walk with their belly sticking out with an increased curve in their lower back, indicating decreased core engagement.

· If your child W-sits, this is also a sign of a weak core. When a child sits in this position, they increase their “base of support” and do not need to recruit their abdominal muscles to maintain upright.

· A child with poor balance skills may also have a weak core and could benefit from a skilled pediatric physical therapy evaluation to assess their need for services.

What are some activities to improve core strength in physical therapy?

· Sitting on a yoga ball or peanut ball

· Reaching

· Prone walk outs

· Bridges

· Animal walks

· Swinging

· And many more!

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