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Sensory Integration Therapy Tools

Weighted vest vs compression vest

Both weighted and compression vests can be beneficial for children with sensory challenges. They’re typically recommended by occupational therapists to assist with increasing attention, focus, and self-regulation for children. These vests can be paired with other heavy work activities. Which provides the proprioceptive input that stimulates the deep touch receptors. This input helps activate the body’s “sense of pleasure, calm and well-being.” The vests can be helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and other sensory processing difficulties.

Weighted vest

  • should be worn 30-60 minutes during activities
  • weights should be 5% of child’s body weight
  • weights within pockets on vest

Compression vest/shirt

  • can be worn all day
  • can be worn under clothing
  • provide all over compression (simulates a deep hug)

Overall benefits of both

  • helps decrease seeking behaviors
  • increases proprioception
  • increases focus and attention
  • helps provide calming pressure to body
  • assist with self-regulation
  • decreases anxiety
  • provides heavy work (with added weight)
  • improves overall body awareness

Consult with an occupational therapist at Sensory Solutions to see which is best for your child!

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