Sensory Processing Concerns

From my time as a student here at Sensory Solutions to now as a developing occupational therapist, I have come to recognize that each and every one of us has sensory processing concerns, whether it is distress with certain clothing textures, crowded environments, or picky eating. The question is, however, are these difficulties interfering with your daily life or your child’s? Early intervention may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Because no child is the same, I am challenged each day to provide individualized activities and opportunities for the child to integrate all sensations based on their needs.

The occurrences I have had thus far with the treatment of feeding delays have shed light on the effectiveness of the early intervention. I have seen how the encouragement of a routine environment, food exploration, and oral preparatory methods are crucial to the process of oral desensitization. This was especially true with two such kiddos who were able to transition from tube feeding to oral feeding. Through intensive therapy and a slow progression in food textures—from thickened liquids to pureed foods than too soft dissolvables—the two successfully transitioned and are well on their way to stuffing their face! These experiences have illuminated my love for pediatric occupational therapy and shown me why introducing sensory information in a way that is playful, meaningful, and gradual is so crucial. It is my goal to continue helping parents see their child not as different, but in a new light with limitless potential for success.

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