Signs a toddler needs feeding therapy

-Meal times become stressful and the child becomes upset frequently

If your child cries or becomes upset frequently during mealtimes and they do not want to sit in their high chair or constantly throw and refuse food, it could mean that your toddler is trying to communicate that eating is not enjoyable.

-If your child isn’t growing

Despite your best efforts to feed your child and have them eat their meals, there could be a feeding issue if they aren’t growing. A dietician is part of our feeding evaluations!

-If your child will only eat his favorite foods

Your child might have a preference for one type of food or a specific brand, and eventually decrease number of foods rather than add foods to their diet.

-Your toddler frequently gags or vomits

If this is happening daily there could be a bigger problem, your child also could have trouble chewing the food before swallowing so it’s best to have a feeding evaluation by a specialist.

-Your child’s diet mainly consist of liquids

If you child has any of these it is best to consult with your pediatric to have a referral for a feeding evaluation. Then the feeding team, which consists of a speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and dietician will determine if your child qualifies for feeding therapy.

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