Transition Skills

In pediatric occupational therapy, we work on many skills necessary to improve function in a child’s daily life such as feeding, attending school and having good behaviors, having play skills, the list goes on! However, sometimes kiddos want to do everything at once, and we have to teach them effective transition skills to leave one task and start another (even if the next one is not preferred), or just saying goodbye to parents to start therapy! Here are some ways you can practice at home to help with transitions from preferred activities to non preferred activities, or to leave any activity or place all together!

– Turn off the lights when leaving. Often times this visual cue is highly effective in helping a child understand it is time to go.

– Using a visual timer; turn on a timer and set it for 1-5 mins, and warn your child that once it goes off, it is time to go start another task!

– Visual schedule; sometimes kiddos need a visual schedule to understand what to expect during their work/activities. Draw pictures of activities you are expecting your child to do, and go over the schedule before you start any tasks. Cross off tasks as you go so your child knows where you are in the process. Make sure to put the task you are wanting to transition to as your last step so they are aware that it is expected of them!

– Have your child say bye bye to their toys so they understand it is time to go

– Sing the clean up song and help your child clean up before transitioning

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