Ways to improve children’s attention with virtual learning or in a classroom

It is common for some kids to have a hard time focusing, whether it is tough for them to pay attention to the teacher or to sit at their desks and complete homework.  For those children that are doing school virtually, it can be difficult for them to sit in front of a computer all day.  Here are some strategies to help improve their focus in a classroom or virtual learning.

  • Take movement breaks.  Examples: stand up and stretch or do jumping jacks, walk around the room 1-2 times, march in place, walking to get a drink of water
  • Chew gum or eat a crunchy/chewy snack
  • Put Velcro under the desk so they can rub or fidget with it.
  • Put an exercise band around the legs of the chair so they can kick with their feet
  • “Wiggle seat” A seated disc filled with air to allow students to wiggle in a seat
  • Wall pushes, chair pushes, or hand pushes
  • Choose seating that is free or has fewer distractions
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