The Importance of Aquatic Therapy

In pediatric occupational therapy, we work with kids who need extra help in areas such as self-care, fine motor skills, feeding, self-regulation, and more. Did you know that some OTs are able to do their therapy inside of a pool? At Sensory Solutions, we offer aquatic OT and Speech therapy where kids are able to get their normal therapy, but do it in a pool! This makes it super exciting for the child and often improves their overall satisfaction of therapy and participation/motivation towards their goals. Some things we do in aquatic OT sessions are: sensory input through the water, working on sensory aversion with water sprinklers/fountains, movement input via the lazy river & aquatic obstacle course on the play ground, following multi step commands in a distracting environment, fine motor skills, the list goes on! Some kids are even able to benefit from aquatic OT physically as they have an easier time moving around in the water versus perhaps a wheelchair. Aquatic OT is a great way to get your child engaged and interested in therapy as well as working towards their goals!

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